About BunkaOil


BunkaOil is a physical bunker supplier in Bangladesh and a worldwide bunker trader and broker in accordance with ISO 8217 and our bunker delivery complies with regulations 14 and 18 of MARPOL ANNEX VI. We’re a lean compact organisation who pride ourselves on customer service and attentiveness. We have a policy of using the best product sources, considering price, quality, environment and general performance.


Millions of dollars are lost every year through disputes over bunker quantity. We ensure that the quantity delivered from the barge/shore tank and received by the vessel are the same. We resolve any discrepancies immediately as we understand the consequences of inaccurate quantities. We aim to set new standards in customer satisfaction.


In an ever competitive market, timely correspondence and punctual service is key to success. We are availble 24/7 and working over two continent means we can serve you around the clock.


BunkaOil is an IBIA (International Bunkering Industry Association) member and is fully licensed.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to get ISO 2010 specifications in all port worldwide?

Currently a number of ports offer ISO 2010 specifications, but a large number of ports have yet to implement these specifications. We recommend our clients to check well in advance, if this is a requirement.

Why should I source my bunkers through BunkaOil if they are based in another time zone?

We're aware that our clients often need our assistance after office hours. Our business is adapted to that fact – we are available around the clock with 24-7 duty (attending the office main lines) and, furthermore, all traders are available on their mobile phones at all times.

How can I ensure that I am making the best possible bunker purchase?

In an extremely volatile market, we stand ready to provide you with updated market information on a real-time basis. Whether you need information on bunker price indications, product availability, market trends etc., we will support and guide you through the process and do our best to ensure that delivery takes place in a timely manner and at the best possible price.

OUR Products

Most common bunker grades

  • Intermediate Fuel Oil - 380 CST
  • Intermediate Fuel Oil - 180 CST
  • Intermediate Fuel Oil - 120 CST
  • Marine Gas Oil - ISO 8217: 2005 - CLASS DMA
  • Lubricants

Key service attributes

The BunkaOil advantage...

  • Trusted & reliable partner
  • Excellent relationship with authorities
  • Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team
  • Quick turnaround of vessels & cargo, ensuring operational efficiency
  • Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators & charterers
  • Expertise to handle container, car carrier, tanker, break bulk, cruise, naval & cable vessels
  • Network of owned offices in the UK and Bangladesh
  • Standardised services delivered always to exceed your expectations